Heart-Based Science for Real World Solutions

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

~ Albert Einstein ~  (1879 - 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

The solution to today’s most pressing challenges demands a different approach, based on:

  • The Latest Scientific Discoveries of the Intelligence of the Human Heart

  • Cutting-edge Methods and Technologies Proven to Work in the Real World

  • A World-view Recognizing Our Oneness as a Foundation for our Optimal Future, Individually and Collectively

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Welcome to Heart Ambassadors®

An organization of change-makers, social activists, artists, scientists, health-care professionals, leaders, visionaries and peace-makers . . .  
dedicated to a world that works better for all - including you!

There's a shift happening . . . beginning in the human heart.


You know if yours is one of them.


It’s a shift toward caring for ourselves in a way that fuels our hearts, minds and bodies, facilitating our care for one another.


It is a shift toward caring more about supporting each other than getting ahead of one another. 


It is a shift toward caring more about taking care of the planet than taking advantage of its resources.


This inner shift operates almost like a key code to a secret passageway, which leads to a new world- a world that works better for all. Including us. 


It does serve self, but from a new definition of “Self” that includes our connection to the whole.

We refer to those awakening to this bigger sense of self and service to the whole as “Heart Ambassadors.”

Heart Ambassadors come from all walks of life . . . 

Parents, students, therapists, coaches, artists, special ops forces, doctors, business people, elders, teachers, UN mediators and negotiators, bus drivers, chefs . . .


We are not defined by our vocation, profession, or political orientation.


We are defined by our ability to use our voices and actions to express human caring wherever we are and whatever we do.


Our orientation is toward a world view that recognizes our oneness as a foundation for our optimal future, personally and collectively.

The Heart Ambassador Program

The HeartAmbassador Program is a training and capacity building community that supports individuals as well as organizations to cultivate the best versions of themselves and if they so choose . . . to become powerfully effective agents of change in their homes, communities and the world at large. 


Our programs involve both inner and outer, real-world work. They foster self regulation based on peer reviewed researched tools and techniques, along with project incubation in harmony with the 17 sustainable development goals from the UN.


And a bunch of people doing it together and having fun while doing it!


We are an official training company for the Federation of International Civil Servants at the UN:



And we work closely with the UN Peace Messenger Organization, Pathways To Peace:


HeartMastery® Courses


The 9 HeartMastery Courses are a core curriculum based on 35 years of HeartMath® research on how to listen to and live from the intuitive guide inside- your heart intelligence.


This foundation leads to the mastery of managing personal energy for the manifestation of higher heart desires, and the capacity to make an effective difference in the world in a way that is sustainably balanced with self care and benefit for all.


Heart Ambassadors receive the full body of HeartMath's HeartMastery core curriculum courses, workbooks, tool cards, course group coaching calls and Daily HeartStart Calls M-F.


A Portal for Your Passion

The Heart Ambassadors Program is a portal through which purpose reignites your passion, setting you upon an adventure in which you discover and live a lasting legacy of contribution to the world.


All while growing as a soul, improving your own health and wellbeing, and unlocking the doorway to happiness and genuine fulfillment alongside others in a community of friends doing the same thing.


Heart Ambassadors leverage their empowered heart based living, through the immersion in and application of HeartMath and other skills, and engage in heart-based living and working. They also may engage in creative humanitarian projects and collaborations to share heart with the world.


Course Electives

Being Free

Belief Clearing

Being the Source of Love

Clutter Clearing

CoCreative Magic

Conflict Resolution

Current-Sea of Money

Distance Healing

Dream a New Dream


Everyone is a Healer

Freedom from Addictions & Compulsions

Gender Equity

Hardest But the Best

Healthy & Healing Sexuality

Heart of Business


Paradox of Pathless Practice

Peace Team Training Camp



Save Your Brain

Stopping Emotional Eating

Watson Caring Theory (Caritas)

We’re Talking Peace

You Are the United Nations

Apply to Become
a Heart Ambassador

Click the button below to apply. One of our consultants will be in touch to schedule a phone appointment, discuss the program and answer your questions.


*You will be taken to a HeartMastery form. Please indicate your interest in HeartAmbassadors upon filling it out.


A Sampling of Our Project Initiatives

Visit the links below and participate as you are called.

HeartMath Trainings for Individuals and Organizations


UN Training



Government Training



Fyera Foundation



The Women Illuminated Film Festival


Operation Big Sister



Resources for Refugees


About Sheva Carr - Founder of Heart Ambassadors

Sheva has taught hundreds of online courses in her role as founder and CEO of Heart Ambassadors, a capacity building community, training program and project incubation organization for world  servers. 


She is a visionary, humanitarian, creator, lover of life, author, speaker, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Board Certified Polarity Therapist and Registered Polarity Educator, and expert HeartMath trainer and coach. 

Among Sheva's many "hats" she is the Co-Vice President of United Nations Peace Messenger Organization Pathways To Peace, the founding CEO of Fyera! Inc, the architect of HeartMath’s HeartMastery program, the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids.


She authored “Being the Source of Love” and “Where the Sky Meets the Earth,” and is featured as a “love luminary” in Marci Schimoff’s New York Times bestselling book ”Love for No Reason.”


She also cofounded the annual Women Illuminated Film Festival parallel to the United Nations NGO Commission on the Status of Women. She is also the founding visionary behind www.operationbigsister.org designed to contribute to efforts to end sex trafficking. She mentors teens from Israel and Palestine in peace dialogues with  www.creativityforpeace.org under the motto “An enemy is a friend whose story

you have yet to hear.” 


She has created her own trauma relief interventions, and been published inrespected medical journals as “Perspectives in Biology and Medicine,” and publications including “The UN Special.” 


She has trained and mentored medical staff from C-level executives to bedside nurses at distinguished medical centers, and has also trained United Nations staff, international government agencies, and soldiers preparing for deployment.  


Sheva speaks to people all over the world on how to access heart intelligence and peace of mind, in order to receive the benefits of the heart’s impact on their relationships, health, performance, creativity, contribution, legacy, social change, and the building of a global culture of peace. She is honored to work with an incredible team of colleagues, collaborators and friends at Heart Ambassadors. 

Contact Us

For questions or interest in Heart Ambassadors, reach out to us at:
Support @ HeartAmbassadors.com.

You may include your phone number, availability and time zone.


To request a consultation or admission interview, click the button below to apply and we'll be in touch to schedule an appointment: 

*You will be taken to a HeartMastery form. Please indicate your interest in HeartAmbassadors upon filling it out.

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